Our recipe is nothing more (or less) than a simple, perfected process. And this doesn't actually start in our factory, rather a little further away: traveling a few kilometers to the Cantabrian Sea, a cold wild sea where the species we prefer for our canned fish live. With its abundance and its steep waves, it is the perfect breeding ground for our fish, giving them unparalleled flavor and texture.

It is an old friend to the local fishing fleets, in which the arrantzales (Basque fishermen) work following traditional fishing methods which always respect our ecosystem. And it is on the shores of this ocean, at the fish markets, where we select only the best fish, freshly caught, for our canned fish.

Another key ingredient is our factory, located a few kilometers from the ports of Ondarroa, Lekeitio and Getaria. As dawn breaks every day, it receives the fresh fish. It then passes into the hands of expert workers, who carefully clean, separate, cook and pack the best parts, following a traditional process which has been handed down through the generations. An ancient technique which is never outdated: our facilities are equipped with everything required to strictly follow the most demanding quality control.