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In the gourmet section, you will find our most popular products. Fish products from the Cantabrian Sea, carefully prepared using traditional methods dating back a hundred years, with typical recipes or appetizing ideas so you can bring some originality to your mealtimes. Canned fish bursting with comforting and traditional flavors, stylish dishes, Italian sauces, pâtés, pastes and other delicacies. In a jar, in a can, in large format, in packs so you try our products or find that special gift... you choose.


  • Traditional

    Our traditional fish preserves will add sparkle to any pantry: no house, get-together or table should miss out on them. Our varieties of White Tuna-Bonito del Norte, Bluefin Tuna, Cantabrian Anchovies, Yellowfin Tuna and Mackerel are always a hit wherever they go. With such nutritious, delicious and versatile food, healthy eating has never been so simple.

  • Other Delicacies

    When you like good food, you like experimenting, trying out different recipes, dipping in your bread, licking your fingers. This is how we enjoy eating. Therefore, we make sauces, pastes, pâtés and other delicacies so you can eat Olasagasti food even if you don't fancy fish.  Good, healthy, tasty, and with our special touch. What else could you ask for?

  • Open & Relish

    An excellent product makes any recipe taste good. We have prepared for you some of our favorites, put together with the same attention to detail which we use in everything we do. A few nibbles, lunch, snack, dinner... our family recipes will brighten your mealtimes in an instant. Because we can't stop innovating new dishes which you won't be able to stop eating. Try them all!

  • To try / Gifts

    Variety is the spice of life. When you want to say “thanks”, you're a connoisseur who wants to try a little of everything or you want to say “I love you” or “let's be friends”, the best way to win somebody over is to start with their stomach. Our special packs and gift sets are the ideal solution, to be delivered to your home or to your restaurant.

    Or forget about other people, just treat yourself!

  • Catering Horeca

    Catering Channel 

    Our packaging for the hotel and restaurant industry offer quality in large quantities. The best raw materials and our traditional methods of preparation, in formats which are more practical and convenient for professionals in high-quality gastronomy. White tuna - Bonito del Norte, yellowfin tuna, mackerel from the Cantabrian Sea, anchovies in salt, anchovy fillets, recipes ready to serve... everything we do which is great, but super-sized.


    For more information about other products, contact us.

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Type of container: can/case
Net weight: 270 g
Drained weight: 190 g
Consume within 6 years
Store at room temperature

6 unit pack

Showing 55 - 55 of 55 items