White tuna - Bonito del Norte, tuna, anchovy and mackerel have a lot in common. They are just as healthy as they are delicious, and they all belong to the category of oily fish. Rich in proteins of high biological value, their fats are much healthier than those of meat. In particular, they have high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, which are healthy because they are good for the heart, along with other positive health attributes.

And that's not everything: their vitamin D and B content and minerals such as iron, zinc and iodine put this food at the top of any nutritionist's league table. With all their properties correctly preserved, you can organize a meal, dinner or snack which is healthy and delicious in an instant. If these canned fish in your cupboard are of the Olasagasti brand, you know they have just what they need: all without synthetic chemicals, preservatives or coloring.

At Olasagasti, we are really into our slow food. This doesn't mean taking our time eating it, rather taking our time preparing it. Time used for choosing what to put on the table, knowing where it comes from and what is in it. Time for preparing it, whether it is in your kitchen or in the factory of your favorite brand. Oh, okay can also involve taking our time to enjoy it. In other words, just how your grandmother used to eat, with deep respect for what keeps us healthy and active, knowing that good food is good for the soul.

We love to take care of you, and help you look after yourself. That's why a lot of care goes into each product. That's why we can't stop creating new ideas: here are some recipes Olasagasti suggest for delicious and healthy eating any time of day.