One thing we know for sure at Olasagasti is that you can't mess around with food. We are very demanding about what we do because we love eating well, following a healthy diet and understanding what is best for our children. If you like good food, then you'll know: doing things this way takes time and commitment. Our commitment is simple; we want to help sustain everything we love:

- Traditional fishing methods, respecting the ecosystem of our Cantabrian Sea, which is the greatest gift we can pass on to our children.
- The skilled traditional and local production, which has a positive effect on our local society.
- The recipes and flavors which nonno Salvatore brought from Sicily over a century ago, a true legacy.

In other words, we have made a commitment for life to do things the traditional and right way, respecting the healthy eating habits this area is famous for. It is a love match. With all this effort, maybe we won't persuade you to marry our products, but once you taste them, we're sure you'll want to take them home with you.


Every time you open one of our cans or jars, you will feel something you can't describe in words... or can you? There are many key ingredients in our formula: the selection of top quality fresh fish, our traditional process and our unique recipes. All of this provides incredible flavor and goes hand-in-hand with strict hygiene control, health and safety regulations and care for the environment. In this way, we ensure that everything is always perfect, both inside and outside the can. We care for our products as if they were our children: Thanks to the traceability system which covers all the production stages, we can give the detailed history behind each mouthful, from the boats which captured the fish to the can you take home with you. And so that nothing slips through our net, we also meet the UNE-EN ISO 9001:2008 regulations, certified by AENOR. We were pioneers in obtaining this certification almost 20 years ago, and in order to maintain it, we undergo comprehensive annual audits, something which we consider well worth the effort.

If we were to tell you right now that we are traditionally prepared canned fish makers on the Basque coast, it might seem obvious. Well, we still want to emphasize it in capitals. That's because the distinction of Traditionally Prepared Fish Preservers of the Basque Coast is a privilege which is not granted to many. As members of this Association, we produce canned fish such as Anchovies from the Cantabrian Sea and White Tuna - Bonito del Norte captured and made exclusively on our coast, with the traceability guarantee controlled by the Basque Government. A very rigorous selection which satisfies even the most demanding palates with every mouthful.